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How you can make better fashion choices?

How can YOU make better fashion choices? Simply put – engage in SLOW FASHION. This movement encourages slower production, unifies sustainability with ethics, and ultimately invites consumers to invest in well-made and lasting clothes. Slow fashion may be purchased, but you can also make your own clothes as part of the movement. Why bother sewing (or learning to sew)?

Slow Fashion is ethical. Abandoning excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, and mindless consumption, slow fashion works to benefit people and the planet. Operating under fair business practices, engaging environmentally responsible standards, and utilising sustainable resources ensure positive ethical standards. It means you are part of the solution to responsible clothing choices.

Slow fashion helps well-being. The well-being of those who design, produce, and distribute slow fashion is improved because fair business practices are the foundation of the movement, but those who purchase or participate in slow fashion also benefit. Slow fashion’s ethos is to purchase less but to purchase better. Personal resources are better stewarded: repairing and caring for clothes extends their lifespan; learning mending, sewing, or other lost skills gives is great for mental well-being and encourages active participation in slow fashion. It’s incredibly rewarding producing (or reviving) a purposeful item that is practical and aesthetically pleasing!

Slow fashion combines a brand’s real values with a customer’s shopping habits. Brand’s which support slow fashion are only half of the solution to the fast fashion problem. The consumer must change their perspective on clothing–looking beyond the price tag to the values represented by the brand. This includes purchase of supplies for at home sewing. Although it does not feel as if there is much difference in one individual’s choices, we are responsible for our own choices. If more people made simple changes, then there would be a big difference

A look ahead….

In encouraging ethical and responsible fashion choices, the blog will be introducing you to designers, businesses, and resources to help you make that step toward healthy fashion. Next week we will be highlighting a New Zealand pattern designer who is making a splash in the international arena of responsible makers.

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