Looking Ahead

With the world around us in upheaval–earthquakes, floods, wars, pandemics–and businesses struggling, Aletheia Apparel is committed to the following:

  • Doing Good: supporting the NZ Cancer Society and primarily supporting NZ businesses
  • Quality: superior fabrics and excellent construction of garments
  • Personal Service: prime alteration services, free repairs on all Aletheia garments, and personalised consultations
  • Style: continued offerings of classic and stylish designs that are timeless and feminine
  • Customisation: being able to select options for your perfect garment

As prices of supplies rise and more fashion industry businesses seem to be closing or going overseas, Aletheia Apparel is looking ahead to the year(s) to come. There will be some changes to ensure longevity. This is exciting!

What’s changing:

  • ONE-ON-ONE – Mandy is the sole person behind the Aletheia label (creator, maker, web designer, social media manager, you get the idea…). So, to keep things more simple, I’ll start addressing you as me! Let’s get more personal. 🙂
  • SIZE RANGE – When I first started, I really wanted to offer extended sizes. However, for a variety of reasons, I will be reducing my size range. If you have questions, please ask away! If you have something you would like, and don’t see your size, I can probably still accomodate you.
  • CUSTOM OPTIONS – Although you will still be able to select your customisations (sleeve length, dress length, etc.) at no additional cost, made-to-measure customisations may be an additional cost.
  • NEW STYLES – Of course there will be some new styles! But some of the styles will also be retired. Instead of a whole new collection at once, there will be individual pieces available–so watch out for new items in the store! If you’re not already subscribed to our newsletter, this is where you want to get advance notice.

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