transforming resources into limited fashion garments

Resources for ReFashion

circular fashion


Recycled fashion includes refashioning as well as repairing and mending.

Refashioning transforms a pre-existing textile such as another clothing item, sheet, curtain, etc., into something new.

Repairing or mending can take an existing item into “as good as new” condition for further use.

reducing textile waste

Vintage & Destashed

Vintage is a generic term for fabric originating from a previous era, usually 20-30 years old or older.

Destashed fabric is second-hand fabric that has been re-homed.

repurposing unused materials


Deadstock is “an amount of a product that a company has bought or made but is unable to sell.” (Cambridge Dictionary.) This will be fabric that is leftover from larger companies and then sold off in limited quantities.

Welcome to ReFashion by Aletheia

Mandy, the maker behind ReFAshion & Aletheia, loves taking colours and textures of various fabrics and turning them into garments that fit well, last for years, and are flattering.

Having been through tight financial strain with 3 small children, Mandy found resourcefulness in making clothing from anything she had on hand–curtain fabric, duvet covers, repurposed op-shop finds, etc. This type of sewing was just part of life–a way to be a good steward of resources.

So why not have this as part of the Aletheia way of doing things?

another perspective


According to Merriam-Webster, Stewardship is “the conducting, supervising, or managing of something…especially the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care”.

We are stewards of our time, money, and stuff–including our fashion (or the clothing we wear).

Each person must ask themselves, “Is the best use of my {time, money, or other resource}?” before purchasing a garment–maybe there’s an alternative….and maybe there’s a way to do this better as a business.

Wanting to Steward Better?

participate in one of these ways

Learn to Recycle, Repair, or Reuse your garments: Utilise time to be creative. Look for sewing instructors in your area to help master a new skill or to plan a Clothing Swap.

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Limited Availability

ReFashion garments will be available in limited quantities at select local artisan markets. Newsletter subscribers will be given exclusive opportunities for one-off garments throughout the year as priority customers.

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Create Your Own

Do you have your own fabric but would like one of the Aletheia garments of your own? Use YOUR fabric on any of the Aletheia Apparel custom garments and receive a 30% discount! Enter the code DESTASH4REFASHION to receive the discount.*


4-6 Weeks



*Discount not applicable on jewellery or accessories. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Fabric type must be appropriate for the chosen garment and is subject to agreement by Aletheia Apparel for its adequacy in length and use of purpose. The timeline is from receipt of fabric to the Selwyn studio. Tracking is highly advised when posting fabric to the studio as Aletheia Apparel is not responsible for the fabric until it has been received in acceptable condition.

Make a Memory

Maybe you have a garment from a loved one or an outfit from a special moment in your life that you want to cherish, but you would like it to be created into something else. ReFashion by Aletheia can help transform your memories.

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