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Every design is selected and handmade by Mandy in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. To reduce unnecessary waste, and to cater various shapes and sizes, items are sewn once ordered. Patterns, fabrics, and supplies are sourced from New Zealand businesses whenever possible. With every garment, fabric off-cuts are used to make one of our exclusively designed Megan Hats to donate to the NZ Cancer Society.

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Because each garment will be exclusively made-to-order, almost any size adjustment can be made.  Maybe bust, hips, waist, neck or arms are larger or smaller than typical standard sizes.  Or maybe you wear a combination of sizes. No worries.  Indicate you would like customised sizing when ordering and Mandy will walk you through the process to achieve your perfect fit. Every garment is unique, made with care and love, and limited in number.


The Aletheia label guarantees total satisfaction. If your made-to-order garment does not fit the way you like it, return the garment to our studio for complimentary alterations within 30 days. To ensure the longevity of your Aletheia wardrobe, we also offer complimentary repairs–because sometimes accidents happen! You can have confidence that an Aletheia garment will fit, be comfortable, and be produced responsibly.

Is Aletheia Apparel for me?

  • I care about wearing clothing that is meant to last….I take care of my clothing and mend items when needed.
  • I would rather save my money to buy something better that will last me longer.
  • I enjoy my uniqueness. I try to find stores that sell limited designs.
  • I struggle to find clothes that truly fit me.
  • I think my clothing choices can have a greater impact than just making me look great. I am willing to make choices to support what’s important to me.

Who is Aletheia Apparel not for?

  • I want the latest fashion and have no intention of wearing it next season….if it rips, I replace it!
  • I would much rather get a great deal and save money even if it means I have to replace it sooner.
  • I love wearing what everyone else is wearing. I try to shop where my friends shop.
  • I can walk into any store and find something that fits.
  • I do not think that my fashion choices have a greater impact than just making me look good.
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Customer Benefits

The Aletheia label is all about “Truth” — truth in fit, in style, and in service.

You can depend on the quality and have confidence in the longevity of the Aletheia wardrobe.

Taking care of loyal customers is our first priority.

Each of our models showcase their style and beauty in a garment created particularly for them, helping build a wardrobe they love.

Customers are a priority at Aletheia Apparel. Here are some of the many benefits of being part of the Aletheia community:

  • Garments made just for you–literally: Every garment is made on demand specifically for YOU. After selecting design elements (necklines, sleeves, length, etc.), preferred colour, and size, Mandy sews your choices into the garment made specifically for you. If further customisations are needed, a free consultation can be booked to see how your garment can be created. Garment creation can take up to 4 weeks after purchase and final consultations.
  • Repairs for the lifetime of your garments: To ensure the longevity of your Aletheia wardrobe, a repair service is offered–because clothing should last a lifetime. Enjoy your garment for as long as possible even when accidents happen. (Exclusions apply)
  • Sole Expression: Aletheia Apparel responsibly produces exclusive floral prints on a selection of natural fibres to provide truly feminine style options. Mixing and matching these prints with other Aletheia garments in solid colours provide endless trans-seasonal, classic-style options for versatile and timeless fashion expressions. You are guaranteed a unique garment.
  • Stewardship of Resources: Primarily utilising natural fibres sourced from NZ businesses, Aletheia fabrics are of premium quality so that your purchase power spreads further and does more good for a truly ethical and sustainable cooperation.
  • Caring for other women: Every purchase includes a donation to the New Zealand Cancer Society. Whether it is one of our Megan Hats in merino or bamboo, or whether it is a monetary donation, Aletheia Apparel gives a donation for every sale made so that women going through cancer can receive help.

Taking measurements…

Taking accurate measurements is vital to a great fit. Each person is uniquely built, and we all have things we wish were different. Clothing made for your body will fit well, stay comfortable, and be more flattering. With every customised garment, you will be helped to get the most accurate measurements to ensure a fabulous fit for you.

If you would like any customisation on your garments–which is exactly what we hope to do for you–you can add the Customise My Fit product to your cart. An Aletheia Measurement Chart can be downloaded and taken to your local dressmaker to fill in. Alternatively, you can contact Mandy for a personal consulation and she can walk you through the process to help you with your best fit and measurements.* Caring and easy help for a wardrobe you love for years to come!

*All measurements are kept confidential and without judgement.


Meet Mandy

Mandy has been sewing for over 30 years. She loves textures, colours, and unique styles. Over the years, Mandy has developed extensive experience in fitting women’s clothing to a variety of body shapes and sizes.

Desiring to use her skills and do good to others, Mandy started Aletheia Apparel as a woman’s custom clothing business based in Selwyn, New Zealand. However, she began to see that women all over could benefit from having well-made custom clothing.

Aletheia Apparel, now online, has a unique aspect. Every custom garment purchase includes an exclusively designed fashion hat for the NZ Cancer Society. Aletheia is the Greek word for “Truth” and highlights the truth expressed in fit, style, and service that Mandy strives to provide. “I love the creative process, the challenge of working through unique body issues, and the joy of true beauty. It’s fantastic being able to do this AND support people affected by cancer. I would love to do more!”

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