Sustainability with circular fashion


Building confidence in responsible clothing choices

The Dilemma

We want you to love your Aletheia Apparel pieces. While designs for our garments are chosen with timelessness and versatility in mind, we understand that things change. Sometimes pieces don’t fit right anymore, they’ve developed small holes or stains from wear, or they have simply been collecting dust in our closets for too long. Because of this, our brand owner will bring life back to your old Aletheia pieces in the most sustainable and productive way possible.

The Solution

ReFashion is our store section that invites customers to send in their used Aletheia pieces so that a new home can be found for them.

Pieces that are still in good-as-new condition will be resold on the site at a lower price point. Pieces received with holes, tears, or stains will be evaluated and mended or will be transformed into a completely new piece.

The Reward

As a thank you for helping to steer toward a waste-free future and for trusting us with your loved Aletheia garments, you will be sent $75 in store credit (per piece successfully submitted) that you can apply to your next Aletheia or ReFashion purchase. (Does not apply to face coverings, accessories, or jewellery)

Circular Fashion at work


Please fill out the submission form for your ReFashion garment.