Coffee to get through

Anyone who knows me, knows I like coffee. I like the taste as well as the enjoyment of sitting and drinking that cuppa–with a friend while chatting, by myself while reflecting, during work to help me along, just whenever! For you it may not be coffee–maybe it’s tea, water, or just time to sit with a friend.

Everyone of us will go through times of struggle, despair, confusion, and hurt. It might be because of a diagnosis we weren’t expecting, a close friend or family member who betrays us, a choice we made that we know we shouldn’t have, or something else.

Where do we turn to? How do we sort through what is real and what are just cliché statements that somehow become what people believe? Unless we know what is real and true, we cannot really deal with the situation fully.

Ever have one of those days?

Maybe it’s not just ONE of those days but a season of life. Coffee doesn’t fix everything, but it sure is nice to drink during the hard times!

Knowing truth sets us free

Whether its cancer, family relationships, or anything else, knowing what is real–what is true–must be something that is seperate from what I feel. Something that is outside of myself. Knowing truth sets us free….and a cup of coffee helps along the way!

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