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Pattern Designer: Johanna Morris

Designing her own patterns and being published in Tauko (an International Sewing Magazine), Johanna Morris is a New Zealand designer with a passion for making. Forget-Me-Not Patterns showcases a simple love for design and sewing beautiful womenswear sewing patterns and is about sustainability and inclusivity. Let’s meet the maker:

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Johanna Morris from Forget-Me-Not-Patterns

Talking with Johanna:


Probably soft, squishy yarn!

Miss Maude for a great local source of beautiful fabrics.

I love to knit, and I’ve recently been learning more about gardening (can you tell I’m a homebody??).

I find having a journal to put all my important dates and tasks in really helps me clear my head. But really, I do need to work on my work-life balance and take on less!

I learned about sewing when I was in intermediate and high school!

I have a Bachelor of Design with Honours, in Fashion Design, which I studied in Wellington, New Zealand.

You really only need a standard domestic sewing machine and an iron to get going!

Make samples for any techniques you want to try out! To all my fellow impatient sewers out there, remember a quick sample or two can build your confidence and save you hours of unpicking!

I have a passion for designing and making patterns, and this is my way of living authentically to my slow fashion values. Makers are my people, so it just made sense to express myself and share my passion with others in this way.

I am a lover of details, so hopefully that comes through in the extra design details and the extra-helpful illustrated instructions I include with my patterns!

For me it is about reducing consumption and not buying into the trend cycle. Also, I am conscious of fibre content and prefer materials that are high-quality but will also biodegrade at the end of their life, rather than sit in landfill.

If you make toiles, try using remnants, or old bedsheets from op shops, rather than buying virgin calico (getting textiles secondhand rather than virgin has a much lesser impact on the environment).

It can vary, but from an initial idea or inspiration I do lots of drawing before I actually start making the pattern! The process varies a lot depending on the fit style and design features. Sometimes I start flat from my pattern blocks, and sometimes I drape on the mannequin!

Being very practical, I’m often inspired by what gaps I’d like to fill in my own wardrobe…haha! I love to get inspiration from vintage fashion too.

That’s a tricky one. I’d like to see some industry that we have lost return to us because I’m not seeing a big future for fashion here in New Zealand. I think we need support for the industry from government, so to see some sustainability initiatives and innovation supported would be great.

Supporting local and creating at home can both be made possible with sewing Forget-Me-Not patterns. Thank you, Jo, for your vision and values….now off to sew some of your wonderful designs!