Marathon in a Month

Join me in supporting those effected with cancer. In trying to raise funds for the Cancer Society, I am striving to run the distance of 2 marathons this month–84 kilometres.

Cancer impacts so many of us in New Zealand, affecting 1 in 3 people. Every donation received means the Cancer Society can continue to help by funding cancer research and providing prevention and support services for people with cancer and their whānau when they need it most.

Please help by donating to the Cancer Society. Every little bit counts. Thank you for your support, it means a lot!

Support the Cancer Society

My personal goal is $500 – I’m trying to reach $250 for each marathon distance I run in November. From barely able to run 20 metres in 2020, running this distance in the month is a big goal for me.

Otherwise, why not join in? You can join the Aletheia Team and be a part of our goal! Run, walk, swim, or whatever you like–go the distance of a marathon during November to help raise money for the Cancer Society.

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