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Roz is a breast cancer survivor. First diagnosed in 2016, Roz fought cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and hormone therapy. Roz shares her thoughts:

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Talking with Roz:

Surgery (lumpectomy, mastectomy with expander, prophylactic mastectomy, and bilateral reconstruction with silicone implants)
Radiation therapy
Hormone therapy

Hair loss
Weight gain

Low self-esteem

Be kind to yourself. This is your fight–no one can tell you what or how you should feel or {how to} behave while going through treatment. A cancer diagnosis is scary, and it is ok to feel frightened–but try and find the silver linings where you can as everyone needs something positive to look for.

I have a very low self esteem–which I am currently working on. It has also made me appreciate the little things in life – the sounds of the birds, the smell of the breeze, and the freedom that we enjoy by just being alive.

I am thankful for my family.

My husband was my rock through diagnosis and treatment. He attended all my appointments and was there for all my surgeries. (his unconditional love and devotion)

I am also thankful for my children who were so kind and loving (and still are).

Roz, thank you for being so bubbly and positive–your thoughtfulness and support blew me away! You shared other fun stories too–you bring a spark to others around you. Thank you!

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