Getting accurate measurements…

A perfect fit is only as good as the measurements used to create the garment. Remember the old adage, “Measure Twice, Cut Once”? This applies for garment construction as well. But Aletheia Apparel needs accurate numbers for creating your ideal fit.

There are several ways to make sure you get accurate measurements.

  1. Get help from a professional. Did you know that many alteration and tailoring services are able to do this for you? Some may even do this for a very nominal cost! Locate your local seamstress for help and confidence in accuracy.
  2. Have a friend help. Having someone else take your measurements is just easier!
  3. Do it yourself. This is how I normally take my own measurements and is where we will focus in this post.

There are a few things to keep in mind when taking body measurements. As we look at some helpful tips, remember that there is no “perfect size” at Aletheia Apparel.

How to Measure Yourself

  • What to wear: Measuring in the undergarments you plan to wear is best (unless stated otherwise). If you need to wear clothes, then thin, form-fitting clothes are best.
  • Good Posture: Relax when taking measurements. Stand up straight (but not rigid) and don’t suck in your tummy or hold your breath.
  • Use a Mirror: The measuring tape must remain straight. A twist in the tape or an awkward angle will create incorrect measurements.
  • Tape or String: If you do not have a proper measuring tape, a piece of non-stretch string can be used instead. Mark the string and then measure with a ruler later.
  • No standards: Finally, don’t go by standard measurements (size 8, 10, 12, 14 etc). Most people fall into several garment sizes depending on their body shape. Your Aletheia garment will be made to your measurements in all the places that you need it!

A few reminders…

For accuracy, it is recommended that you take your measurements twice. This is to double check that you measured right. If the numbers are close but not the same, you can take an average of the two numbers.

For all measurements, pull the tape measure so that it sits on the surface of the skin, but doesn’t compress the skin–firm but not tight.

We know it can feel awkward to take your measurements. It is really tempting to be judgmental about the size you are, to compare yourself to a size you once were, or even to “fudge” a bit to the size that you would like to be. Please don’t!

Exceptional Service:

Book a personal consultation!

If you would like personal assistance in taking measurements, book an appointment with Mandy for a Zoom consultation. She can walk you through all the steps and measurements you need to have your perfect fit.

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