Black for Friday

Black is a great colour to wear any day–not just on a Friday. But Black can mean more than just a colour for a dress–today is Black Friday–for many that will be a day to shop sales, spend money, and stock up. For businesses, it may be an opportunity to finally operate “in the black” by high selling margins.

Read more history of Coco Chanel’s LBD here.

But at Aletheia Apparel, I want to focus on something else–the Little Black Dress (otherwise known as LBD). This wardrobe winner is a sustainable workhorse. Coco Chanel was the innovator of this common frock. In 1926, Chanel took a conventional dress and turned it into a fashion icon. The 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffanys increased the popularity of the black dress with Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy dress.

Read more about the fashion of Breakfast at Tiffanys here.

Why is the LBD so versatile? Black can go with pretty much anything. The dress becomes a blank canvas in which a variety of accessories can be added to change a look. Add a denim jacket and runners to that basic black canvas, and you have a casual runabout style. Wear your blingy jewels and strappy heels with a LBD and you can be best dressed at the weekend event.

What makes this sustainable? Longevity. Buying one dress and wearing it for many years is a sustainable fashion practice. By simply restyling the dress with a variety of accessories, the LBD can be a garment that can be worn time and again. This keeps it from going into landfill.

How about you? Do you have a LBD equivalent?

Aletheia in Black

Alex Dress

Alex Dress

Alex is spirited, benevolent, and effervescent.  Trendy but timeless, the Alex Dress can take you through the seasons. In breathable linen or hemp, choose long or short to represent your character style.  The sumptuous full sleeves and the relaxed structure give ease and comfort to this charming and adaptable dress.

Lynley Dress

Lynley Dress

Lynley is practical, industrious, and honest. The dress reflects her character. The Lynley Dress features a fitted bodice, tiered skirt, and a fabulous choice of sleeves and necklines. Choose it long or short with multiple length options to complete a winter, summer, or trans-seasonal look.

Lisa Top and Katrina Overalls

Katrina Overalls

Perfect for all year wear, these overalls are one of our favourite garments! Hemp or linen give a breezy, classy look to these trendy and feminine overalls.  Comfortable and easy to wear, Katrina Overalls reflect the woman they were named after: empathetic, joyful, and generous!

Also available in black…

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