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Mending & Repair 101

We all want to steward our resources better–whether that’s our time, money, energy, or stuff. That also includes our wardrobe items. But not all of us have the same abilities with a sewing machine, needle, and thread. Obviously, if you are able to sew and mend, then it is a wonderful skill to be able to repair your own and other’s clothing.

But what about if you do not have the ability to repair your garments to extend their life of wear? Taking them to places that can do this for you is a great stewardship. Although it does come at a cost, the long term benefits are part of being responsible–for the Earth in which we live as well as for the finances we are given to manage.

Even if with minimal skills, there are a couple of basic ways to start thinking about mending and repairing clothing…

Mending Essentials

Don’t Wait!

Take care of any hole or rip when it is small before it becomes a big problem. Small problems are much easier (and cheaper) to repair.

Use those hands

Machine sewing is not always necessary–in fact, sometimes its not even possible to use a machine. If you have needle and thread and 2 hands (and decent eyesight!), then you have the foundations for repairing your wardrobe at your fingertips. Literally.

Reuse, Repair, UPcycle

Sometimes the repair is beyond your ability to either do yourself or pay for someone else to do. Then UPCYCLE the item–this can mean utilising the garment in other ways (that dressy item may now be the gardening dress) or for other purposes (that T-shirt may now become your dust cloth).

Give it a go!

There’s heaps of information out there, but if you would like to read about Reviving Your Wardrobe with some tips on mending your clothes, click here.

If you like videos, check out this great video on How to Repair a Split Seam without a sewing machine. This is best done when the hole is small!

If you would like some ideas for UPcycling, check out this video on How To Reduce Waste and be more sustainable with your clothing.

Try something new each week–some weeks may be more successful than others.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” — Leo Tolstoy

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