Daffodil Day – 26 August 2022

I have been privileged to have some incredible women model for Aletheia Apparel’s next collection. I would like to highlight these women’s stories: Emma, Roz, Dawn, Chloe, Emma J, and Angie.

Each of these women have had an experience with cancer–some are currently fighting, some are survivors, and some are loved family members. Each has a story to tell and a perspective to learn from. Ranging in life from young mums to grandmothers, these women highlight the lack of discrimination that cancer has. Most likely, we will all walk a path including cancer–whether as a fighter or as a supporter. How can we be best equipped to support others or know how to deal with it ourselves? These women give us some insight.

Also, these beautiful women will be giving a sneak peek of our new collection coming soon….keep your eye out! It was such fun to work on this together.

Supporting the NZ Cancer Society!

August is a great month to focus on supporting those with cancer. With Daffodil Day coming 26 August, we will be highlighting stories of some incredible women throughout the month.

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