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Watching a family member suffer with cancer is difficult. Dawn’s father battled prostrate cancer. First diagnosed in 2020, her father received radiation therapy and hormone therapy via injections. Let’s hear from Dawn about watching someone you love with cancer…

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Talking with Dawn:

Be kind to yourself – whether you are the cancer patient or support person. Every journey is different. Try to accept help from others. Rest when you can and take each day as it comes- some days will be better than others. Try to find happiness and pleasure in your daily life and keep things as normal as you can during your journey.

Dad got (and still does get) very tired and weak. There were radiation burns and internal side effects from the radiation treatment.

It was hard watching Dad feeling unwell. Dad just wanted to be feeling normal, and so it was frustrating at times for him.

To enjoy each day as it comes as you never know what tomorrow might bring. Accept help when you can.

Trust in the doctors and nurses – they are the experts and are doing everything they can for your health and well being. Try to be kind to yourself even when you feel overwhelmed.

The support received from the Cancer Society which allowed my Dad a place to stay while he received treatment. The specialist doctors, nurses and radiation therapists who were there for Dad’s journey were amazing–always [being] there with a smile on their face helped Dad feel better when going in for treatment.

Thank you, Dawn, for opening up about your dad. Your readiness and involvement in caring for others was an encouragement to learn about. Thank you!

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