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  • Scarf Ring


    The perfect accessory, the Scarf Ring was designed and crafted exclusively for Aletheia Apparel. Symbolising unity and wholeness, this solid yet beautiful metal ring can be used to adorn your favourite scarves, stoles, or sashes. Simple yet stunning, the Scarf Ring was designed to add a subtle touch of luxury and timelessness.

  • Signature Scarf


    Fully original, the versatile Aletheia Apparel scarf is the perfect harmonising wardrobe essential–perfect for year round wear. Made from our exclusive custom floral prints, the double gauze cotton is both natural and breathable. Wear it with the Aletheia Scarf Ring for an endless array of wearable options. Designed to wear with many colours and serve as an accent piece to show off your stunning beauty, this scarf will add a splash of colour to any outfit.